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”Rami is a goal-oriented person who will get results no matter how much work it requires. He has very good interpersonal skills and he gets along with just about anybody. He has actively developed his technical and business skills to match his entrepreneurial nature. With this combination he has successfully helped me with marketing challenges in the past.”

Matti Heikkilä
Metgen Oy, Technology Director at MetGen

"Rami is a creative digital marketing expert with great people skills. He is a hard-working team player who knows how to identify and solve customer’s problems. Rami comes up with practical solutions that are easy to understand and adapt. He always maintains good relations with co-workers and clients and never refuses when you ask him for help!"

Krister Ahlberg
International Trade Center, United Nations

"In today's competitive business world, having a personal brand is a must. I warmly recommend Rami for his expertise in this area. With Rami's help, your LinkedIn profile will become a powerful tool for reaching your professional goals. He pays attention to the details that matter, making him a valuable resource for anyone looking to stand out in their field."

Katja Tervahartiala
Tapaus, Innovative Event Marketeer

"It was a pleasure to work with Rami. He created a relaxed atmosphere where it was easy to be yourself, to come up with new ideas and to exchange thoughts freely. Rami also challenged me to look at things from new perspectives and encouraged me to share my knowledge and skills with others in new ways. Thank you, Rami!"

Anna Rossi
Uusivisio, Licensed Career Coach

Rami is an enthusiastic and innovative social media and digital marketing expert. He has the ability to explain complex issues in an understandable way. Rami is a people person who puts the interest of his clients first. I strongly recommend Rami for any social media, digital marketing and amazon related projects

Joonas Nevala
Orkla Group, Head of Sales Academy

Thanks to Rami's expert and highly customer-focused coaching, our Hankkija feed ingredient export team now has the tools for successful international LinkedIn marketing. With concrete solutions and examples provided, our marketing objectives have become achievable. Bonus points for the positive and energetic approach during the training day!

Hannele Kettunen
Hankkija Oy, R&D manager

Rami is a dynamic digital marketing guru with the talent to inspire people with his enthusiasm and knowledge. He is a great team player with a positive and friendly attitude towards people. It is very easy for me to recommend him as a digital media professional.

Mikko Lehtinen
Tagomo Digital Oy Ltd, Co-Founder / Sales Director / Chairman

Whether it's an individual, a group, or a company, Rami knows how to find the right channels, methods, and technologies to enhance visibility on social media. Rami has the ability to convey his thoughts in an easily understandable manner to beginners, while still possessing enough expertise to convince even the most experienced individuals to try new, worthwhile endeavors.

Markus Jalonen
Eduhouse Oy, Executive Consultant

I attended a LinkedIn training session led by Rami, specifically designed for coaches. The focus of the training was on building a personal brand and utilizing LinkedIn as a platform for its expression. One of Rami's strengths lies in his ability to conduct trainings. The atmosphere during the session was psychologically safe, allowing us to engage in comprehensive discussions and reflections related to LinkedIn and social media. It is through these interactions that we learn best. I highly recommend Rami's training sessions!

Elvira Vainio
Career coach, FAB Monday

I attended Rami's "Personal Branding on LinkedIn for Coaches" training, and I highly recommend his course to anyone who is new to LinkedIn and finds it daunting to learn the intricacies of the platform. It is also beneficial for those who want to enhance their understanding, content, or branding on LinkedIn. Rami has a wonderfully down-to-earth style of delivering LinkedIn training, making it clear and easily understandable. You come away feeling like a winner! I highly recommend it!

Anna-Helena Saariaho
LCF Life Coach, Life science professional

"An extremely comprehensive and practical training on the various features of LinkedIn."

Tomi Flink
Senaatti-kiinteistöt, Senior Legal Counsel

"One of the best trainings I have attended! In just one day, I gained a comprehensive understanding of marketing and advertising on social media. Even though I use social media in my personal time, it was fantastic to receive practical and theoretical examples of how to leverage this tool in a professional setting. The day also provided valuable insights for digital strategy, such as the importance of websites and always considering the user's next step. Overall, it was an excellent experience."

Andrea Borenius
Knorring Oy Ab , Vd

"Rami's seasoned expertise and skill in the field of social media shine through excellently. Rami is a master at tailoring his message to suit the audience, and he presents his content in an easily digestible structure. I highly recommend Rami as a trainer."

Jon Uotila
Driveco Oy, VP Business Operations

"Rami has an excellent ability to apply strong expertise in social media to meet the diverse needs of both B2C and B2B clients. I highly recommend him!"

Tiia Norppa-Ruotsalo
Neste, Head of Employee Experience

"Thank you, Rami, for providing a clear training and excellent tips. I discovered many areas for improvement in building my personal brand. I highly recommend Rami's assistance to anyone looking to enhance their professional personal brand and learn how to effectively leverage the opportunities of social media."

Juhana Helmenkalastaja
Helmenkalastaja Oy

I attended Rami's social media marketing training sessions, where he thoroughly covered the strategy for creating productive and long-lasting marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. It was great to go through each step of how these campaigns are actually executed on these platforms and what factors to consider. I gained a lot of ideas and handy tips on how to maintain continuity in my campaigns. What's even better is that you can apply your expertise and extensive work experience to adapt your teachings to any industry, ensuring that different clients understand the essence of the topic. Thank you! I wholeheartedly recommend Rami's training to others.

Tanja Mäntymäki
Marketing Manager at Oy Halva Ab

Rami delivered an incredibly inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable crash course on digital and social media marketing for our member companies in Finland! The topic was clearly and systematically covered. The training clearly ignited a spark in everyone to enhance their digital and social media marketing efforts. Thank you, Rami.

Tiina Talvensaari
Suomen Ekoyrittäjät ry

Rami visited Steveco Oy's sales team and managers last spring to uncover the secrets of LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Rami's training style is engaging, easily understandable, and captivating. None of our trained individuals can claim to know or understand nothing about the subject anymore. Even the notion that "social media isn't suitable for selling freight services" began to fade away. When searching for the right person to guide your staff in personal branding, social media, and the world of other channels, I wholeheartedly recommend Rami for the job.

Elina Harjama
Information manager, Steveco Oy

The training was exceptionally well-structured, catering to both experienced LinkedIn users and newcomers, ensuring maximum utilization of the platform. The training sessions are clear, logically organized, and progress in a coherent manner. I highly recommend Rami to all social media users, whether they are newbies or seasoned professionals.

Joni Hakkarainen
Myynti- ja markkinointijohtaja, Sunborn Group

With the assistance of Rami, we executed an exceptionally successful social media campaign. The campaign's visibility and reach exceeded our expectations, resulting in our event achieving its attendance goal. Rami took control of the entire process from the start, providing guidance, participating actively, and working their magic. We were extremely satisfied and highly recommend Rami to anyone looking to create significant visibility through a social media campaign!

Sanni Rostedt
CEO, Idea group

Rami trained the sales organization of DB Schenker in social selling. First, he created a customized and convincing instructional video that helped us enhance our personal brands and gain a deeper understanding of social media. Following that, Rami conducted a practical training session, providing us with tools for sales and tips for managing networks. Rami packaged the training in a clear and engaging manner, for which we are truly grateful. It has been pleasing to see that many individuals have become more active in social selling, demonstrating increased confidence. Overall, the training successfully achieved its goals.

Jonna Stenberg
Marketing Manager, Schenker Oy

Our team found Rami's social media workshop to be truly inspiring. The most valuable aspect was the encouragement to publish content both personally and on behalf of the company. We received tips on what works in posts and gained confidence in creating our own engaging content. Rami's bright and approachable personality made the workshop enjoyable, with plenty of laughter and time flying by.

Katriina Halme
Markkinointipäällikkö, Kauppakeskus Kaari

Explore, strategize, and take action. Rami's expertise in digital marketing is presented in a straightforward manner, providing a step-by-step approach. The consultation goes beyond surface-level discussions and evolves into tangible and systematic actions.

Johannes Setänen
Markkinointijohtaja Eezy Oyj
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