Privacy Policy


Data Controller Tmi Rami Salomaa Teerikuja 7, 21210 Raisio
Contact person for matters related to the register: Rami Salomaa
Register name Rami Salomaa's email register
Registered individuals
The customer register includes all individuals who have subscribed to Rami Salomaa's newsletter.
Basis and purpose of maintaining the register and processing personal data
The maintenance of the register is based on the legitimate interest and personal consent obtained through customer relationships.
Customers voluntarily subscribe to the newsletter either through the website or during logins.
The information is used for marketing purposes and targeting customers with relevant content. Customers have the right to opt-out of direct marketing communications.
By subscribing to our newsletter, users accept the terms of this privacy policy.
Processed personal data Customer details: First and Last Name Email Address Customer usage data Campaign history Additional information provided by the customer Direct marketing preferences and consents The aforementioned information is stored if it is related to customer relationships.
Regular sources of information Information provided by the customer
Marketing automation management system
Disclosure and transfer of data Data may be transferred outside the European Union and European Economic Area if it is necessary for the technical implementation of the requested service or otherwise essential.
Non-EU partners are required to comply with EU data protection practices.
Customer data will not be disclosed to third parties for sales or marketing purposes without explicit customer consent.
Personal data may also be disclosed to authorities within the limits of applicable legislation.
Data protection Access to the email register is secured with a personal password known only to the marketing coordinator.
The register is not kept as a paper printout.
Only individuals with appropriate roles have access to the register, and they are bound by confidentiality agreements.
Access rights to the register are granted and monitored by the person responsible for registry matters.
The register is located in an internet-based service protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Duration of data processing Customer data remains in the register for the duration of the company's operations or until the customer requests their removal from the register.
Data processors The marketing coordinator of Rami Salomaa utilizes the register.
We may partially outsource the processing of the register to a third party, ensuring through contractual arrangements that personal data is processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws and other appropriate measures.
Automated decision-making and profiling The use of Rami Salomaa's email register does not involve automated decision-making or profiling.
Rights of registered individuals Every registered individual has the following rights with regard to their personal data:•
Right of access, allowing verification of the personal data stored in the register. If there are inaccuracies or deficiencies, the registered individual may request corrections or amendments.• Right to object to the processing of personal data if the registered individual believes that their personal data has been processed unlawfully or without proper authorization.•
Right to request the deletion of personal data stored in the register.
The registered individual also has the right to restrict the processing of their data.•
Right to data portability, allowing the transfer of data from one system to another.•
Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if the registered individual believes that the processing of their personal data has violated applicable data protection laws.
The data controller may refuse to comply with objections or deletion requests only on legal grounds. If the data controller does not comply with the registered individual's demands, the registered individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.
The registered individual also has the right to request that the processing of disputed data be restricted until the matter is resolved.
Contact information All inquiries and requests regarding this privacy policy should be submitted in writing or in person to the designated contact person mentioned in section two (2).
Changes to the privacy policy If we make changes to this policy, we will update the document with the date of the changes. In case of significant changes, we may also inform users through other means such as email or notices on our website.
We recommend regularly visiting our website to stay informed about any updates to this policy.