Embark on a journey of digital excellence with a human touch

Welcome to the digital world of Rami Salomaa, a full-stack marketer where innovation, expertise, and a human touch converge.

As a one-man marketing agency, I blend modern marketing strategies with the power of AI to simplify complex concepts and unlock the true potential of your brand. Dive into a realm where every marketing challenge is met with creative, human-centered solutions and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your brand not only thrives but leads in the digital landscape.

Entrepreneurial spirit meets global marketing impact

With over 15 years in digital marketing, I've learned the importance of a comprehensive approach. My journey, from coaching at the European Commission to guiding SMEs and non-profits, emphasizes not just isolated services but the bigger picture of your marketing strategy. Always ask 'why' – a successful marketing plan is about crafting a narrative that resonates globally, ensuring all elements work together seamlessly.

Where expertise meets AI in marketing

My expertise is in transforming marketing challenges into opportunities for growth. Skilled in devising custom marketing strategies and integrating the strengths of social media and AI, my approach is comprehensive yet focused. While I specialize in marketing strategy, my proficiency spans a range of digital marketing areas, employing state-of-the-art tools to boost your online presence.


”Rami is a goal-oriented person who will get results no matter how much work it requires. He has very good interpersonal skills and he gets along with just about anybody. He has actively developed his technical and business skills to match his entrepreneurial nature. With this combination he has successfully helped me with marketing challenges in the past.”

Matti Heikkilä
Metgen Oy, Technology Director at MetGen

"Rami is a creative digital marketing expert with great people skills. He is a hard-working team player who knows how to identify and solve customer’s problems. Rami comes up with practical solutions that are easy to understand and adapt. He always maintains good relations with co-workers and clients and never refuses when you ask him for help!"

Krister Ahlberg
International Trade Center, United Nations


Core expertise

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Marketing strategy

Employer and Employee Branding

Personal branding

Data & analytics

Video Marketing

Social media

Website creation and optimization

Email marketing

Content creation & strategy

Growth hacking

Artificial intelligence

Influencer marketing

Search engine (SEO and SEM)

Affiliate marketing

Paid advertising

Social selling

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